CHUS X CHUS is the new brand of the international designer Chus Burés, who brings his artistic history to young generations, with whom he now wishes to embark on a new adventure.

The impulse of this initiative is to share a universe of his own, created over the years, contributing his experience in collaborations with great artists of recognized international fame in the world of fashion, cinema, with exhibitions and projects in design centers and international museums. The brand is aimed at young people who identify with CHUS X CHUS products, because it speaks of them, their taste, their philosophy of life, their concerns. A young generation that appreciates the values ​​of art, culture and creativity, as they grew up surrounded by art, design and architecture, and developed a personal and refined taste for good design.

To enter the universe of CHUS X CHUS is to experience new sensations. The new proposals are a back to basics: simple pieces, basic, designed to wear at any time of day and not only on special occasions, made in sterling silver and gold. All the magic of the Burés design now within reach of the youngest.

CHUS X CHUS continues to support sustainable efforts and practices in the fields of design and wearable art, such as collaborating with responsible production partners, incorporation of recycled precious metals and lab-grown diamonds in its jewelry offerings etc..


With a professional career spanning over thirty years, in which he has collaborated with contemporary artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Carmen Herrera, Miquel Barceló and Santiago Sierra, and with such leading names in the fashion world such as Loewe, Agnés b., Maurizio Galante, and Akris, Chus Burés has now decided to share his knowledge and experience by revisiting his own work to open it up to the new generations. A legacy of beauty, wisdom and adventure in unique jewels, set to the rhythm of our time.


Chus Burés founded his studio in Madrid in 1985, when Pedro Almodóvar commissioned the pin for Matador, a piece that soon opened the door to the international market for his work. Since then, his designs have received unanimous acclaim worldwide. Now, with CHUS X CHUS, he is introducing a new line that aims at providing younger generations with designs of high artistic quality at affordable prices. 



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